Vasculitis Foundation Canada

By Jon Stewart

VFC updates it’s Living with Vasculitis brochure!

Vasculitis Foundation Canada has updated it Living with Vasculitis brochure with more current information and an extensive list of Canadian Doctors from the CanVasc Network where vasculitis patients can seek up-to-date treatment options, study information and disease monitoring.

The original brochure has seen many changes since its introduction almost 15 years ago but the intention remains the same, and that is to inform and educate vasculitis patients, their family and friends, and others.  The current version describes what vasculitis is, and lists the 26 separate, but related, diseases in the vasculitis family. It also provides general information on vasculitis signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and remission.  And, it includes a “tear off” mail-in portion which can be used for donations, and for new members to join VFC.

This new version provides an impressive list of specialist doctors who can provide patients with informed vasculitis care from coast to coast in Canada.  This list includes Rheumatologists, Nephrologists, ENT’s, Respirologists, Paediatricians, and others who treat vasculitis and are partners in the CanVasc Network.

The brochure is now available for download by clicking here

Printed copies will be available soon and will be made available at VFC meetings and events, and can also be mailed to interested parties.

Jon Stewart
Vasculitis Foundation Canada /
Fondation vasculites Canada