Vasculitis Foundation Canada

By Jon Stewart

VFC needs your help with a short anonymous survey to better understand the needs of vasculitis patients when it comes to their experience with Prednisone and a newly approved drug called Avacopan/Tavneos.

Many vasculitis patients will be interested to complete this survey because it asks for your feedback on prednisone, and a newer drug called Avacopan (Tavneos).  Some of you may know that Avacopan (Tavneos), was very recently approved by Health Canada, and is already FDA approved. In certain vasculitis settings Avacopan (Tavneos), has been approved as a partial, or even a complete, replacement for prednisone.

The survey questions have been developed with input and review from a number of patients as well as Dr. Pagnoux, from the Toronto Vasculitis Clinic, and Dr. Velma Mockett who is speaking at our 2022 AGM.

The survey results will be reviewed by Dr. Pagnoux, and will help VFC complete the patient submission for CADTH (Canada’s Drug and Health Technology Agency at:, and is part the drug assessment process in Canada… that I have mentioned from time to time! CADTH seeks patient perspectives to improve the quality of their assessments of medical procedures, devices, and drugs.  CADTH’s recommendations on publicly funded procedures, devices and drugs impact Canadian patients. We hope your responses will translate into improved drug access for patients like you!

If you have not already completed the survey, only once per patient, please take this anonymous 5-10 minute survey to help us understand your vasculitis experience and needs.

Follow this link to take the survey:

As most of you know, patient education, and patient engagement in their vasculitis, has been a strong belief of VFC for many, many years! So, please complete this survey asap, and feel free to share it amongst your fellow vasculitis patients!

On behalf of the VFC Board, we hope you will set aside 5-10 minutes of your time to complete the above survey, and thank you for considering to participate in this survey.

ps: Save this date! Saturday, May 14, 2022 at 12 Noon ET for the VFC AGM via ZOOM. Join guest speakers Dr’s.: Velma Mockett and Stephanie Garner for presentations on coping with vasculitis and COVID, as well as a vasculitis update and current thinking on vasculitis and COVID. Send an email to [email protected] to join.