Vasculitis Foundation Canada

By Jon Stewart

Toronto Mayor is Aware of Vasculitis, are you?  May is Vasculitis Awareness Month – spread the word and create your own vasculitis awareness!

Of course, Toronto Mayor, John Tory, didn’t know about vasculitis before meeting up with VFC President, Jon Stewart, but who does – other than patients and specialist doctors!  But the Mayor gets it now, and we hope his vasculitis awareness “ tweet”, with 278K Twitter followers will also get some vasculitis awareness too!  And, being the clever Mayor he is (most of the time), he gets full marks for making the Latin connection for the word vasculitis, meaning blood vessel inflammation, with the individual parts of the word vascul-itis, i.e. vascul-ar and its relation to blood vessels and -itis meaning inflammation! 

Big or small, our efforts to spread awareness about vasculitis can make an impact in ways you might not imagine.  Spread vasculitis awareness with the VFC brochure, Living with Vasculitis” which is available for download here:  printed copies are also available for patients, friends and family, doctor offices and even local politicians!  If we all spread the word and create more vasculitis awareness it adds up to a much bigger impact, which can make a difference.

 So this May, or anytime, spread the word and spread vasculitis awareness!

VFC President, Jon Stewart, with Toronto Mayor, John Tory, and some VFC “Living with Vasculitis” brochures.